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*u* Mi galería está dedicada en mayor medida a dibujos de Syaoran.
Mi principal trabajo es el fancomic titulado "Un abril lejos del mundo de Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle"

Pero en lo sucesivo mis actualizaciones han de ser mayormente relativas al universo de Fullmetal Alchemist, a Edward... a Edward.. a Edward y a Edward! (Sobre advertencia no hay engaño.)

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íHermoso arte! :heart:u:heart:

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You does someone else happy :3 And maybe you dont know about that. Someone is afraid of talk with you, and never never will you know who is... Strange, but sometimes happens. How can be that possible?, I dont know! Just happen. Heart is strange, and chooses without think xD, dont have brains, only wants give some love. Let your heart work, is the reason coz it exist. 
:) Time to ink, more pages sooner yay!!!! Hugs! 
Just two weeks LMC!!! *^* You can survive!!
Sólo dos semanas LucyMery!!! *^* Sobrevivirás!!!
Today I am happy enough to sing :3 

Hoy me siento feliz y quiero cantar!!!!! :D 
waaaaa way too much scared!!! 
I am trembling... :C floor... please dont move like that plz.... 
Well if someone wants know about me... 

Got tagged by: 

Rules---- :Pyeh yeh sure.... ummm rules are done to be broke so!!!!! I am that type of person who likes do a different thing sometimes. 
1. You Have To Post These Rules.
2. Each Person Has To Share 13 Things About Them.
3. Answer The 13 Questions Asked To You And Invent 13 Questions The People You Tag Will Have To Answer.
4. Choose 13 People.
5. You Have To Tag 13 People, If You Can.
6. Tag-Backs Are ALLOWED.
7. Be Creative With The Title. No "I've Got Tagged" Things.  
8. You Can't Say You Don't Do Tags. 

13 Things About Me:

1 I am a graphic designer
2 I a 31 years old, close to 32 on september 12.. well that everyone knows for DA... 
3 I am crazy at times.... very quiet girl. That is too normal for a artist? I dont know talk so much, only when i am very interested on someone I will do. 
4 I can be too much sweet if I want... but be worry if I get mad xD real mad I mean. 
5 I like books, draw, writte, Alex Ubago music, IL DIVO music, Laura Pausini... and a few other. But I adopt music from everyone I know. 
6 Ya know how I like corny/romantic/sweet/funny/epic stories too... :3 
7 I am lucky to have both legs? xD My knee isnt the same after that day when I fell by the school-stairs.
8 I cant figure out how I am writting right now... coz school seemed a lot at moments impossible, but after all.... is going ok. 
9 I am weak to baby cats... and I am not very fan of dogs... really bad experiences about they. 
10 When I was a child... I liked to do a lot my little houses, with dad's materials around home. So big enough to life inside they. :3 I feel proud of that, mines was the best ones. I liked mines the most than the weak ones from my little brothers ahahahhaha mwhahahha 
11: I like draw and see erotic, echii stuff... meanwhile it is not very weird. I dont like too much the rare rare things... xD That quit the feeling* 
12: I am buying FMA manga... and Naruto maybe I get some like on that?? I dont know, so dont spoil me about Naruto xD 
13 My favorite food.... ahhh dont read it... I like takos of mayo with sugar. Tortilla fried with milk and sugar, ice-cream of vanilla, chocolate, mint with chocolate *q*, "capirotada", flan, "3milk-cake", cheese pie...
14. I have bad time eating fish, shrimp.... probably i will not try more of sea-food in my life...  oh and octopus... the flavor is like chicken... i dont like ckicken...
15.... oh i am doing more than 13? Is a problem?? okay... I want buy a Wacom, edit a book, do some animations, and fancomics, and draw more and more about Edward :3

Audrey's questions (this girl is so cute, you know? )
1. Favorite Anime? My vip favorite ones... from childhood until now: Captain Tsubasa, Sailor moon, Dragon Ball Z, and GT... then TRC and now FMA!!!! yay!!
2. Favorite Character? they come from my favorite animes. Oliver Atom" (capTsu), Tuxedo-Mask-Darien-Endimion, Vegeta!! (no protagonist! o.o), Syaoran and EDWARD ELRIC!!!
3. Any OC's? Ah yeah too many to tell you hun. I cant remember each one now. But I can tell you the ones who represent myself: Zul -dragon ball, Zhara-Harry Potter, LucyMery" to TRC... no so strict to be TRC... but started with that series. I have other personal projects with their original characters, like Escarlek, and Inky Grafito, both men very special to me. 
4. Favorite Childhood Show? oh yeah... it can be that... Astroboy" and me with Black and white TV ;w; 
5. Most Hated Character? Sakura the clony one... from TRC. After she.. umm all the girls around Edward Elric, ((the ones who arent Winry xD )) lolz i told girls... but even roy.... roy stay away! or Heiderich... I dont like so much Heide... 
6. Best Friend? umm I think is... ;w; a old friend of infance, I miss see her. aww 
7. Favorite Thing To Draw? Edward Elric, by the moment. Nudes, licking him... raping him.. ok no, I just like draw his hair, but mostly his eyes. 
8. Favorite Number? 13
9. Favorite Color? pink.
10. Favorite DA Artist style? There are a lot of pro ones aroud DA. But no shines to me. I dont know why. I just see their art very well done, but I am missing their soul a lot on the works. So I prefer the ones who have more charisma. ZwesomeRachel have and other ones too :3 like her close friends... Audrey too you are good. 
11. Favorite Animal? I cant decide between sea-horse, cat, horse, raccoon, fish and baby chicken * lol!!! I dont like eat them, but are so cute to see!!! *
12. Fear? yeah, I have fear of when i awake and my body is sleeping... and i cant move or talk, but i am awake in my mind. I have fear of the imaginary friends of childs, and when the rain is so strong that seems broke my windows... 
13. Are my questions lame? No no, is ok, will help to meed us better. umm 

okay now... The other part will be done later, I dont want tagg real ppl, just a few of characters... like PV... and i dont have the time at hand right now, but in the future I will :3 
  • Listening to: MOMENTS!/Bratja/Period/Let it Out-Music of FMA
  • Reading: Olas del Destino
  • Watching: Zwesome art for sure...
  • Playing: Wings of Destiny
  • Eating: mom's delicious food :P
  • Drinking: refresco


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Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favourite cartoon character: ¡¡¡I love Syaoran and Edward!!!
Personal Quote: "es SOLO mio"

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